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Dancing is my language. It is the way I tell my story, the way I show my feelings and express my soul.
Dancing Love - 0%

Dancing belongs to my day like the water I drink or the air I breath. That I was able to make my passion to my profession and to be able to live my dream every day makes me to one of the happiest  human beings.
I am looking forward to new jobs, new challenges and experiences in which I can share my time, energy and talent with you.

  • Start of dance training in the danceschool Thurek in Erlangen Classes: Hip-Hop 1, Hi-Hop 2, „Starmoves-Show Your Skillz“ and „Dance 4 Fans“

  • Start of the foundation course „standard and latin dance“
  • Advancement in the advanced class of „standard and latin dance“

  • Start of a four year salsa class
  • Taking over the class “standard and latin” in the danceschool Thurek as second dance teacher
  • Passing the gold class of “standard and latin” in the danceschool Thurek
  • Being taken over in the hip-hop masterclass of the danceschool Thurek
  • Average trainings time is 32 hours the week

  • Taking over the classes „Starmoves-Show Your Skillz“ and „Dance 4 Fans“ as first trainer Establishing an hip-hop beginner class as trainer and choreographer of the danceschool Thurek
  • Further education at high level dance workshops all over Germany, participating in regional championships and performances at different events   

  • Moving in the danceschool „Respect Your Style And Dance“ in Tennenlohe Classes: Hip-Hop Rookies, Hip-Hop Advanced, Female Hip-Hop, Popping, House and Masterclass

  • Advancement in the formation group of the danceschool „Respect Your Style And Dance“

  • Getting under the top 15 at the “Deutschland Cup” (German Championship in hip-hop formation)
  • winning the second place of the dance contest „Dance Deluxe“ in Nürnberg with the „RYS-Crew“
  • Beginn of my training as solo dancer

  • Begin of the an additional weekly trainings in the „Riddim Danceschool“ in Munich Classes: Hip-Hop Andvanced and Hip-Hop Intermediat
  • Teaching the childrens’ class in the studio „Vision Vital“ in Büchenbach
  • Further education at the Streetdancekemp in Czech Republic with the main focus on choreography, hip-hop and house Booking as model and dancer on ice of the “Thomas Sabo Ice Crew”

  • Half-year dance education in the best danecshools in Los Angeles, California with the main focus on Hip-Hop, House, Dancehall and Chicago Footwork First bookings as professional dancer for musicvideos, like for „the prison microphone“, „the man“
  • Further education at the Streetdancekemp in Czech Republic, the Beat Camp Croatien and many dirffernt workshops all around Europe Breakthrough as professional dancer in Germany for music videos for inter alia the Fruityman, Tommy Gunz, Patric Q 
  • constant bookings for danced fashionshows for inter alia the Miss Germany Corporation, Shoppings-Shows, Book-now Models, Adidas, the Innatex, wedding shows and different malls
  • Being taken over in the Starmoves showgroup of All4One, Nuremberg and the masterclass of Lawrays Dance, Fürth
  • Further education at battles, workshops, danz-camps and championships all around Europe House Dance Forever, Just Debut, Streetdancekemp, the Week, Urban Dance Camp and weekly classes in LA’s renowned danceschools Movement Lifestyle, Debbie Reynolds and



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